Dreidel Dreidel-ing

For this piece I thought about the sheer delight in watching an object spin. The way in which a perfect floating circle is formed. How the mind can predict the same object stationary, and the anticipation built by this. As the spinning slows, erratic shapes and rough edges disrupt the perfect circle. The anticipation builds. Then the object stops, falls. Suddenly the fun is over and you are left with an object you didn’t know you had. An unfamiliar shape that does nothing, goes nowhere.


The text is made up of fragmentations and variations of the English version of the traditional Hebrew Dreidel Song.

The piece was originally workshopped by Trio Atem. The piece was premiered by Collective31  in March 2016 with choreography added by Catherine Underhill.

Shaping Sounds : Sounding Shapes 

This piece explores the ways in which lines and shapes may be interpreted as sound, and way sounds are shaped.


It was premiered in February 2016 as part of the new music forum ~exchange . 

Insubstantial Pageant Faded

In this piece I take the gamelan-inspired material from a previous work of mine, Neoliphony, and subject it to various deconstructive transformations.

The piece was premiered by Psappha in March 2015.