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Radcliffe Tower: redirected reflections

For ensemble and pre-recorded audio. Written for RNCM New Ensemble. In this piece, I explore ways of equating ruin experience to the compositional process itself. By recording my own reflections from a visit to the ruinous Radcliffe Tower and redirecting these toward my musical borrowing of a Philippe de Vitry motet, I hope to render the latter as a malleable heritage object and explore the vibrancy of these ‘things’. How does the motet, via the materiality of the architecture, act upon me and how do I relate this to a listener?

I discuss my creative process further in Music and Heritage: New Perspectives on Place-making and Sonic Identity

Premiered by RNCM New Ensemble, ‘In Focus: Kaija Saariaho’ festival, RNCM, Oct 2018.

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