A pursuit (or task), its arc, and the blisters traced (2019) for prepared cello and pre-recorded audio. Commissioned by Amy Jolly.

Droning Falsities (for one's self) (2019) for contrabass clarinet in Bb and pre-recorded audio. Commissioned by Jason Alder.


Memento for Kathryn (2018) for flute and pre-recorded audio. A single-breath piece commissioned by Kathryn Williams as part of her Coming Up for Air project


Parallax (2015) for solo piano


Growing Space for Artefact (2015) for solo violin


Inebriatum (2013) for solo harpsichord



Radcliffe Tower: redirected reflections (2018) for large ensemble. Written for the Royal Northern College of Music In Focus: Kaija Saariaho Festival

Icon across Index (2018), for voice and lute. Written for Leighton Triplow and Rosemary Hodgson.


To go along, however, is to thread one’s way (2018) for 4 voices Open Score. Written for CoMA Manchester as part of the CoMA Festival


What I find in Raking (2017) for string quartet. Written for the Royal Northern College of Music French Connections Chamber Music Festival


House remains Beautiful (2017) for pre-recorded audio, violin, sopranino recorder (doubling alto recorder), trumpet in Bb, vibraphone and bassoon. Commissioned by OUT-TAKE Ensemble


Timelessness and Oblique Origins (2015) for clarinet in Bb, accordion, electric guitar, piano, violin, ‘cello, and two auxiliary players


Shaping Sounds : Sounding Shapes (2013 revised 2016) for three musicians and drawer


Salvaged from the Ground (2015) for ‘cello quartet


Shadows as evidence of light (2013 revised 2015) for soprano saxophone, oboe, two percussion, piano and contrabass


Dreidel Dreidel-ing (2015) for mezzo soprano and ‘cello


Insubstantial Pageant Faded (2014) for flute, prepared piano and two percussion


River Running (2014) for soprano recorder, tuba, piano and two auxiliary players


Neoliphony (2014) for flute, tuba, two percussion, viola and prepared piano


All Worlds Come to an End (2013) for violin and piano


Adam Lay Ybounden (2018) fixed audio. Written as part of the Clusters and Entanglements working group, for the Street Road Artists exhibition 'Clouded Title'.


Dreaming of Weightlessness, I found another way (2016) for solo violin and tape, commissioned by the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

Sharing Triad: Walking music from A to Z (2015) for three musicians